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  • 3 Elements To Attract People To Your Church

    The message of Jesus is "Good News." People are attracted to things that make them feel good. As Christians, we must confront the sins that keep u...
  • How Church Can Bring Families Together

      There are so many things in life that bring people together. Things like movies, music, vacation, sporting events, theme parks, etc. No matter...
  • How Churches Partner With Parents

    Rather than working with parents, we were simply asking them to trust us to turn their children or students into a disciple. This may be appropriate except that the ones who are chosen to disciple kids, the ones God has given this duty to are first and foremost the parents
  • Creating a Unified Church Culture

      Culture has changed. That means the church must change. This isn't a new statement, but what does it mean for pastors and church leaders? How d...
  • Getting Your Church Ready For Easter

    The resurrection of Jesus is not only the most significant event in Christianity, but Easter is one of the world's most celebrated holidays. We celebrate His resurrection. It's a fantastic opportunity for you and your congregation to reach out to those who aren't members of a church. They are more likely to attend a service with a friend or loved one. How do you get your church ready for Easter?