Family Summer Devotional – One Voice

A Summer Devotional For The Whole Family 

Put Family Discipleship First

This summer devotional plan is a great way for you to grow in your faith and relationships this summer. In this 9-week plan, you will walk through the Fruit of The Spirit. This daily devotional from the Life Transformation Bible is perfect for you as an individual, to do with a friend, or for families to unite and grow. It only takes a few moments each day. As you do this together, it will change the conversations you have as you travel, go on an adventure, or simply sit at the beach and relax. While all the readings are all age-appropriate they are all aligned so that your conversations can be centered around the same Biblical topic.

Download this ebook to:

  • Learn how to apply the Fruit of The Spirit to your life
  • Content and disciple kids, teens, and adults
  • Grow closer to God