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Easter Content from Mountain Movers!


Mountain Movers is a series on faith!

Does faith seem complicated? Or is it that we make it complicated by overthinking it. Faith is simply trusting God enough to do what He says. That may be simple but it’s not easy! In this series we’ll walk through several actions God says we need as we live out our faith in Him.

Celebrate with us this Easter because Jesus is alive, and He gives us grace. What is grace and why do we even deserve it? We don’t! That’s the amazing thing about Jesus and His love for us.

This Free Resource includes content for adults, youth, and kids!

  • Sermon Starters & Teaching Notes for Pastors & Teachers for Adults, Youth and Kids
  • Video Teachings for Youth, Elementary, and Early Childhood
  • Presentation Slides & Notes
  • Small Group Discussion Questions & Guides
  • Teacher Guides for Youth & Kids Classes with Activities and Games
  • Parent Emails and Activities for At Home
  • Midweek teaching topics for Youth Pastors
  • Bumper Videos
  • Social Media Templates & Promotion Images formatted for FB, Instagram and your website