Merry Mania 2022 – One Voice

A Christmas Event For Every Generation!

Christmas can be chaotic, but there is Good News that brings great joy! Merry Mania can make your Christmas program easier for it's free! 


The Free Event Includes:

  • Games for the whole church to participate in
  • Production Guides
  • Graphics
  • And more! 

Upgrade Your Free Event With Media! 

Take your Merry Mania Christmas Party to the next level with: 

  • Story videos
  • Countdown videos
  • Music files 
  • Music videos 
  • Promotional materials 
  • And more!

6 Reasons to Host A Multi-generational Christmas Party in Your Church (and Community)!

  1. It's an excellent opportunity to invite friends and neighbors from the community.
  2. A multi-generational Christmas party is a great way to celebrate Christmas.
  3. It's a great way to share the Christmas message.
  4. You will provide lasting memories for your church and community.
  5. People will see that your church is where they belong.
  6. A Christmas party is a non-threatening way to reach your community. more!