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6 Ways That Great Leaders Think Differently Than Others

Are great leaders unusual creatures that are born different from the rest of us? Maybe. Maybe not. It doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is that great leaders have different approaches to the world that we can all learn from. People that have different results do things differently. And they do things differently because they think differently.

You might not be cut out to be a world leader, but you can be much more successful in your leadership than you’ve been demonstrating so far. Maybe all you need to do is to start thinking like a great leader!

See how great leaders think differently than most of us:

1. Great leaders have a long-term perspective.

Most leaders, especially Pastors and church leaders are focused on surviving another week or planning their weekend. It’s a short-term perspective that never results in anything in the long term.

● A great leader is making decisions and taking action for objectives that are often 10 years or more into the future. At the very least, great leaders are looking ahead 3 to 5 years.

● You may be in a position where you need to scramble to survive in the short term, but there’s no reason why you can’t spend some of your time working toward something that will make your church and leadership better five years from now. However, very few do. Choose to be different!

2. Great Leaders value time over money.

For a great leader, money isn’t where they start when considering mission and vision. Money and resources flow to a great clear mission and vision. Great Leaders value time. Not just their own time but the time of others, especially their team. That’s why they say “no” to everything, even the good things, that is not going to move the mission and vision forward.

Conversely, many leaders are willing to sacrifice too much time to save money. Sometimes this is necessary, we are to be good stewards, but too many churches and church leaders take it too far. As much as possible, use your time and the time of your people for a higher purpose.

3. Great leaders delegate.

You can’t lead a great church all on your own. Many Pastors and church leaders struggle to grow beyond a certain level. It’s often because they won’t utilize other people to do the work.

● It’s better to see the results in ministry of 10% from the efforts of 100 people than to make 100% from just your own effort.

● Delegate as much as you can. If someone else can do the things you are doing, delegate. Always be looking for more valuable ways to spend your time.

4. Great leaders focus on growth, rather than maintaining.

The typical leader puts a lot of energy into maintaining the status quo rather than risking growth. That’s fine if you are just wanting to keep the doors open for another year or so.

● However, it’s difficult to reach enough people to be around for the next generation unless you reach a lot of people today.

● Great Leaders primarily focus on reaching more people each year.

● Care for and serve your people well. Help them and your team to pay close attention to reaching more people.

5. Great leaders have big goals.

Great leaders aren’t aiming for keeping the doors open another month or year. Their goals are more along the lines of expanding by adding services or locations. Developing more ministries and helping other ministry leaders. They understand that God is passionate about expanding His kingdom. You can’t achieve the big things of God without big God-given goals.

6. Most great leaders like to work more than anything else.

After all, our work is our calling, not just a job. Our calling is fulfilling and satisfying. Living out your leadership calling brings great joy and refreshment. Some people look at great leaders and wonder what’s wrong with them.

● “Don’t they already have enough people to minister to?”

● “Why don’t they talk about something besides growing God’s Kingdom?”

● “I could find something better to do if my church had that many people.”

● What most people fail to realize is that really great leaders love to work. That’s part of the reason they are great leaders. We live in a culture that values not working and yet God told us to work 6 days a week and rest 1. We think we are better off resting 6 and working 1. Yet, God has called us and prepared us to find joy and fulfillment in the work He has given us to do.

● A great leader isn’t always obsessed with the idea of just getting more and more people - they enjoy seeing more and more lives transformed and people living out their God-given potential. They thrive on seeing others thrive in their relationship with God. They find great joy in helping others be all that God created them to be.

How does your way of thinking compare to that of a great leader? Which of the ideas above can you incorporate into your own thinking?

You don’t have to be worth a world influencer as a leader to think like a great leader. And thinking like one can prove to help you and your church live out your potential right where God has planted you!


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