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By Design - Kids

Series Overview:

Our world says that we are what we are and changing that is way to difficult. But God created each of us uniquely different. If we understand how to live in God’s design for our lives, we will feel more motivated to embrace the life God created us to live.


Series Outline:

Part 1:

We’ve all been on the receiving end of hate or anger, and it twists our view of humanity. If we begin to lean and learn to love the way God designed us to, it will radically change the world we live in.


Part 2:

We’ve all been served and know how awesome it feels. Serving isn’t always easy and it’s not engrained in each of us. Join us this weekend as we look at the best example of serving and how serving shows love to others.


Part 3:

Did you know that God designed us to be His disciples and to go out and make disciples? In fact, Jesus commanded this of us. This weekend we’re leaning into how we can live out the Great Commandment of making disciples.


Part 4: 

If you’re a follower of Jesus, you have gifts and talents whether you believe it or not. The question is not if you have gifts. The question is will you use your gifts and use them well?


Series Includes:


  • Materials for Early Childhood (2 y/o - Kindergarten, 1-3 Grade, & 4-6 Grade)
  • Weekly Teaching Videos
  • Weekly Scripts for Live Teachings
  • Weekly Take Home Activities
  • Weekly Parent Emails
  • Series Bookmarks
  • Weekly Classroom Guides
  • Weekly Coloring Pages & Activities
  • Weekly Game Instructions
  • Supply Lists to Prepare Materials
  • Weekly Take Home Activities
  • Series Artwork + Screen Graphics
  • Series Motion

By Design - Kids

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