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Looking Forward - Adult

Life on Earth is temporary, therefore possessions, jobs, etc. should not become the most important things in our lives. We want to invest in our future, in eternity. We can look forward to a better future yet to come. 


Series Includes:

  • Weekly Customizable Notes
  • Weekly Sermon Starters
  • Weekly Extra Study Material
  • Weekly Small Group Guides
  • Weekly PowerPoint
  • Worship Song Suggestions
  • Series Artwork + Screen Graphics
  • Series Bumper
  • Social Media Posts
  • Weekly Devotional for Adults, Youth, and Kids that align and are age-appropriate


Series Outline:

Part 1:

It’s easy to stand back and speculate on when Jesus will return. Even the disciples—after Jesus’ ascension—were guilty of standing still and not taking any action. So let’s talk about current actions we must take while we wait for Jesus’ future return.


Part 2:

Heaven is where God’s people spend eternity. Heaven requires transformation. Heaven is inclusive and exclusive. Heaven begins with following Jesus. Heaven is desirable and eternal: that’s why we look forward to it!

Looking Forward - Adult

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