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Do we have what it takes to have victory over temptations, the devil, or anything he throws our way? Yes, with the power of Christ we do! No matter what we are facing here on Earth, Jesus has already won the battle and gives us victory.


Series Includes:

  • Sermon Starters & Teaching Notes for Pastors & Teachers for Adults, Youth and Kids
  • Presentation Slides & Notes
  • Bumper Videos
  • Small Group Discussion Questions & Guides
  • Game Ideas for Youth & Kids
  • Midweek teaching topics for Youth Pastors
  • Social Media Templates & Promotion Images formatted for FB, Instagram and your website


Series Outline:

Part 1:

Temptation is a daily battle we all face. Whether it’s the urge to eat the chocolate cake or take another drink of alcohol, temptation can pop up in many different forms. Join us this week as we talk about how we can have victory over those temptations.


Part 2:

Have you ever seen a team that seemed to have victory in hand, only to see it slip away? This week we’ll talk about how overwhelming Victory is complete and utter victory—with no possibility that our enemy will make a comeback!


Part 3:

Do you believe in angels? Angels bring up a lot of different questions like who are they? What do they do? How do they help us? Join us this week as we answer those questions about angels.


Part 4:

Purity is something that has undergone many changes throughout history and yet it is important to God. This week we’ll be looking at how we can have pure hearts. 


Part 5:

We can have victory through God’s power. Even though we may not understand what God is telling us to do, we should always trust Him. Join us as we conclude our series “Victory” talking about God’s power.


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