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Kids in Preschool

Teach your kids to be life long followers of Jesus!

Our cohesive Kids curriculum walks all your kids classes through shared series and aligned teachings with lesson plans tailored perfectly for each age group.

Connection Builds The Next Generation

64% of children are more likely to be rooted in the Bible if they have a meaningful relationship with a Christian adult outside of their family. 


Image by Nathan Dumlao

Engaging Kids To 

Activate Their Faith

As a ministry leader, you want to see your kids:


  • Developing a relationship with God

  • Connecting in the church

  • Living in an active faith


One Voice provides a solid foundation for your kids, saving you time struggling with weekly lesson plans, and freeing you up to focus on engaging your kids.


✅ 12 Months of Early Childhood Curriculum (2 y/o - Kinder)

✅ 12 Months of Elementary Curriculum (1-3 Grade & 4-6 Grade)

✅ 12 Memory Verses

✅ Weekly Teaching Videos

✅ Weekly Scripts for Live Teachings

Midweek Materials

✅ Weekly Classroom Guides

✅ Weekly Coloring Pages & Activities

✅ Weekly Game Instructions

✅ Supply Lists to Prepare Materials

✅ Weekly Take Home Activities


✅ Original Music for Early Childhood

✅ Original Music for Elementary

✅ Music Videos

✅ MP3 Files

✅ Lyric Sheets

✅ Tracks


✅ Series Artwork + Screen Graphics

✅ Series Motion

✅ Social Media Posts

Supporting Materials

✅ Family Devotionals

✅ Weekly Take Home Activities

✅ Weekly Parent Emails

✅ Series Bookmarks

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