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Connect - Adult

We all want vibrant and thriving relationships. What about our relationship with God? How does that happen? It starts by connecting with God. In this series, we’ll focus on how daily prayer, studying the Bible, and living in obedience leads to living in a thriving relationship with God.


Series Includes:

  • Weekly Customizable Notes
  • Weekly Sermon Starters
  • Weekly Extra Study Material
  • Weekly Small Group Guides
  • Weekly PowerPoint
  • Worship Song Suggestions
  • Series Artwork + Screen Graphics
  • Series Bumper
  • Social Media Posts
  • Weekly Devotional for Adults, Youth, and Kids that align and are age-appropriate


Series Outline:

Part 1:

Did you know prayer is simply having a conversation with God? We have the incredible privilege of having an audience with the creator of the universe through prayer. Join us this week as we talk about why prayer is important.


Part 2:

How do we talk to God? Is there a certain way to pray? Am I praying correctly? We all have questions about how to pray. This weekend we talk through a very practical way to spend time in prayer and connect with God daily.


Part 3:

Imagine facing any situation and knowing that you are not alone. Imagine feeling so close to God every day that it becomes a natural part of your daily living. We will address one way to connect to God and understand His plan for our lives.


Part 4:

What is one way to experience true and lasting joy? Join the conversation as we talk about bringing great satisfaction to God through connecting with Him.

Connect - Adult

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