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Make an Impact - Youth

We all want to make an impact or impression on the people around us. We want to make every day count and be a part of something bigger. If we align our priorities and attitude with those of Jesus, we can make the greatest impact in the Kingdom of God.


Series Outline:


Part 1:

Most people struggle with keeping their priorities straight. We don’t intend to get them out of whack, but they get that way. As a Follower of Jesus, what should our priorities be? Join us this week as we start our new series “Make An Impact.”


Part 2:

For a Follower of Jesus, it is imperative that we grow to become more like Jesus. This obviously includes His attitude, since it is a part of His character. Jesus' attitude not only reflects the “warm things” of love and generosity and compassion but also of serving, suffering, and sacrifice.


Part 3:

Jesus didn’t invite us into His mission and leave us on our own. He gives us His Spirit, who lives in us, leads, directs, and guides us. We have to slow down and listen to Him and obey. We have to go and make disciples.


Series Includes:


  • All content for Youth
  • Weekly Teaching Videos
  • Weekly Scripts for Live Teachings
  • Weekly Classroom Guides
  • Talk Notes
  • Weekly Printable Activities
  • Weekly Take Home Activities
  • Weekly Parent Emails
  • Weekly Midweek Guides 
  • Game Instructions
  • Weekly Small Group Questions
  • Game Slides and Motions
  • Series Artwork + Screen Graphics
  • Series Motion
  • Social Media Posts
  • Weekly Devotional for Adults, Youth, and Kids that align and are age-appropriate


Make an Impact - Youth

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