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New Perspective - Youth

When we become followers of Jesus, we become new creations. Part of being a new creation means we should have a new perspective on life - the perspective of God. At the end of this series, we will know how to invest our lives responsibly and effectively for God’s Kingdom.


Series Outline:


Part 1:

Have you ever struggled to understand God’s will? Have you struggled to discover His plan or purpose or design for you? Do you realize that God actually has a purpose for you? Does it matter? Join us this weekend as we begin our series “New Perspective.”


Part 2:

We’re turning our attention to the difference being a Follower of Jesus should have in our lives. How do we live out God’s will in our lives? This weekend we’ll discover what it looks like to live every day as God’s disciples. 


Part 3:

Accountability is key to having a life that is successful, productive, and fulfilling. Accountability helps us stay on track and make the right decisions. This week we’re looking at what it means to live in accountability to God.  


Part 4:

Why would Jesus go to the cross and suffer and die for our sins? Because it is more blessed to give, and Jesus gave everything for us. Join us this week as we talk about living a more blessed life.  


Series Includes:


  • All content for Youth
  • Weekly Teaching Videos
  • Weekly Scripts for Live Teachings
  • Weekly Classroom Guides
  • Talk Notes
  • Weekly Printable Activities
  • Weekly Take Home Activities
  • Weekly Parent Emails
  • Weekly Midweek Guides 
  • Game Instructions
  • Weekly Small Group Questions
  • Game Slides and Motions
  • Series Artwork + Screen Graphics
  • Series Motion
  • Social Media Posts
  • Weekly Devotional for Adults, Youth, and Kids that align and are age-appropriate

New Perspective - Youth

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