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Reset - Youth

Series Overview:

Creating habits is difficult. When we become complacent with our bad or sinful habits, we need to stop and reset. We need to look to God and rely on His power to live in the life He has for us. Change isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible! 


Series Outline:

Part 1:

Creating habits is difficult. Most people give up on their new year’s resolutions by the second Friday of January – just 2 weeks! Join us as we Reset our habits and align them with God.


Part 2:

When it comes to our habits, we tend to look at the wrong guidance when we want help to change our bad habits. What if we focused on God and His guidance? This weekend we’re looking at how God guides us to have healthy spiritual habits.


Part 3:

Would we see a huge difference in our day-to-day lives if we only worried about what God thought of us? Join us as we look at how to overcome distractions as we reset our habits.


Part 4: 

Breaking the cycle of our bad habits is hard. We don’t have to fall back into our old sinful nature because we can rely on God’s power and surround ourselves with people who will build us up! This weekend we’re concluding our series Reset.


Series Includes:


  • All content for Youth
  • Weekly Teaching Videos
  • Weekly Scripts for Live Teachings
  • Weekly Classroom Guides
  • Talk Notes
  • Weekly Printable Activities
  • Weekly Take Home Activities
  • Weekly Parent Emails
  • Weekly Midweek Guides 
  • Game Instructions
  • Weekly Small Group Questions
  • Game Slides and Motions
  • Series Artwork + Screen Graphics
  • Series Motion
  • Social Media Posts
  • Weekly Devotional for Adults, Youth, and Kids that align and are age-appropriate

Reset - Youth

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