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Say What - Adult

Series Overview:

The Bible is the greatest book ever written and there are true stories that just don’t feel real. These stories make us say “what”?! In this series, we will be looking at true and unbelievable stories from the Bible to help us grow in our faith. 


Series Outline:

Part 1:

We’ve all broken promises and we know it doesn’t feel good. But did you know that God never breaks His promises to us? Join us this weekend as we look at one promise God made to us.


Part 2:

God’s plans are better than our plans, but sometimes we think we know best. So, what happens when go against His plans? This week, we’ll be looking at how God always makes His plans come to fruition.


Part 3:

When we follow God’s plan, we may feel like they don’t make sense or they’re crazy. But who are we to question His plan? Join us as we look at the true story of God knocking down walls.


Part 4: 

Say what?! Samson had strength because of His long hair? This week we’re diving into where our strength comes from.


Series Includes:

  • Weekly Customizable Notes
  • Weekly Sermon Starters
  • Weekly Extra Study Material
  • Weekly Small Group Guides
  • Weekly PowerPoint
  • Worship Song Suggestions
  • Series Artwork + Screen Graphics
  • Series Bumper
  • Social Media Posts
  • Weekly Devotional for Adults, Youth, and Kids that align and are age-appropriate

Say What - Adult

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