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Deepen relationships in your Church by learning together.

Our cohesive Kids, Youth, and Adult curriculum walks all members through shared series with lesson plans tailored perfectly for each age group.


Only 63% of Americans are Christians, down from 78% in 2007.

In 2021, 30% of adults are now religiously unaffiliated. 

Pew Research Center​

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Many Churches are struggling now more than ever.

Church leaders are feeling especially overwhelmed in a post-pandemic world to provide a consistent flow of new services and teaching strategies . . . with fewer staff and volunteers.


The result? Everyone is tired and lonely. Burnout is real. 


But if people don’t feel engaged at Church, they often stop making it a commitment in their lives.


Learning together drives relationships + connection.

It’s not enough to just offer a service on Sundays. 


But running separate curriculums for each age group often creates silos between the generations, instead of drawing them together. And more teaching strategies means more management.


Instead, learning the same topics together each week gives a common ground for connection & conversation. 

Our unified curriculum helps you focus
on people, not programs.

The One Voice Church Curriculum tailors the same weekly message topic to each age group. Everyone gets to learn the same core Bible message and Scripture verse together.


Use the comprehensive lesson plans or use the topics as starters for your current lessons – One Voice provides a solid foundation for them all, saving you time struggling with weekly lesson plans, freeing you up to focus on relationships.


For example: 64% of children are more likely to be rooted in the Bible if they have a meaningful relationship with a Christian adult outside of their family. 



We provide a unified cohesive curriculum calendar so your Church feels more engaged.

We get it - juggling separate teaching topics for each age level is a lot.

As pastors and professional educators ourselves, we know how hard it is to get people to talk to each other to build relationships - even within their own families!

Giving your community a core Biblical common ground + opportunities to connect beyond just Sunday is a great way to start. That’s why we created a way for Churches to do that every week without stressing out your team.


Sermon Starters And Scripts For Live Teachings

Weekly Devotionals

Small Group Questions & Guides

Take Home Activities & Downloads

(That’s not it - there’s even more inside.)

The One Voice Teaching Library is your solid teaching foundation with 12 new series being offered every year. 

Download your sample week.

No credit card or commitments required.

Download a free week, pick a plan later.





  • Kids, Youth & Adults Curriculum

  • Weekend + Midweek Content

  • Small Group Content Guides

  • Weekly Devotionals

  • Printable Activities & Games


(Save 10%)




  • Kids, Youth & Adults Curriculum

  • Weekend + Midweek Content

  • Small Group Content Guides

  • Weekly Devotionals

  • Printable Activities & Games

Get a week for free. No credit card required.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Download your Free Week.

Take a test drive and see how aligning your teaching lessons together will not only give your teaching teams a break, but also gives everyone a common ground of learning. 

2. Pick your Plan. 

Ready to get started? Choose either a Monthly or Yearly Plan. All plans benefit from our risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee. Cancel anytime. Customer service support is available by phone and email. 

3. Engage your Church as a whole. 

Grow together by teaching the same Biblical story across each age group each week. See that common ground fosters new discussions, deepens learning, and drives engagement in your whole community.

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Alive Church
1on1 Ministry

What is One Voice? 

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“Then all of you can join together with one voice, giving praise and glory to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 15:6 (NLT) The Church is shrinking more every year. People leave Church if they don’t feel a connection with God and others. How can we help make a difference? As fellow pastors and Church leaders, we saw the need to support Church leaders to deepen relationships and core Biblical learning as a way to foster conversation and connection with each other. But without a common ground, we are trapped in our own silos.

Not sure if One Voice is right for you?

Book a free call to explore how One Voice might fit into your Church's existing lessons.

Don’t spend another week stressing about content.

Give your team a break. Get everything

you need to engage your Church community today. 

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