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One Voice provides a weekly curriculum designed to change the conversation families in your church are having in the car ride home, around the dinner table, and throughout the week.

Early Childhood | Elementary | Youth | Adults

Kid's Curriculum

Kid's Curriculum

One Voices weekly curriculum is easy to prepare and uses supplies that are easy to find. With everything else on your to-do list each week, we are working hard to work to ease your work load.

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Youth Curriculum

Youth Curriculum

One Voice is designed to work for you to save you time and energy so you can invest more relationally with your students and their parents. You can lead a team of volunteers or teach students by yourself.

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Adult Curriculum

Adult Curriculum

One Voice is a simple way to unify your congregation under one teaching that's age-appropriate for every generation. Take back your time and be the pastor or leader your church deserves.

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Implementing One Voice Is Easy

When you sign up, you get access to the Teaching Library.

Download any series you want quickly and easily.

Every series includes everything you need for your weekend from the senior pastor’s sermon starter to the preschool teaching video and games.

Too often, being a church pastor or leader can feel overwhelming.

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You Are The Leader Your Church Deserves!

You just have too much on your plate. A One Voice subscription helps clear your plate so you can focus on what God called you to do in ministry in the first place. All while helping you...

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Unify Your Congregation

Our intergenerational Biblical teaching aligns your church under one teaching, so everyone is moving forward together.

One message for the group

Equip The Next Generation

When everyone in your church is unified under the same teaching, it equips all adults to pour into the lives of the next generation.

Influence Every Generation

Make it easy to influence and understand what everyone in your church is learning while helping clear your overfilled plate.

We understand how overwhelming being a pastor or church leader can be!

As fellow pastors and church leaders, we realize how overwhelming it can feel that Sunday is always coming and there’s never enough time in the week to get everything done well. Writing and coordinating teaching for every generation is a monumental task. A task we would love to handle for you so you can focus on the ministry God called you to in the first place.

What is One Voice?

With a One Voice Subscription, you get:

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Pastors and Church Leaders Love One Voice

I know exactly what my child learned

The value of having everyone learning the same topic on age appropriate levels is that I can go through the same discipleship training (Life Transformation Bible) with my middle schooler and my elementary age schooler at the same time. My youngest has only a few sentences to read each day while my oldest has a whole page, expanded out to what he can grasp. The daily verses are then the same for all of us and we can discuss God’s word together. As a homeschool mom, I love having this part planned out already for me and that we can do it together instead of having separate spiritual discussions with both of them.

Kristen, Church Member

It's a real blessing

The One Voice materials are different from other curriculum programs because it links to the main teaching. It allows natural conversations about Jesus at the dinner table and in the home.

Bob, Elder

My family can discuss the same topic

Simply put, it makes it easier as a parent to discuss the Bible with my kids and know how to explain it. Beyond just talking, I see my kids absorb more. My favorite recent moment was Owen (5) and James (8) coming downstairs to see the advent candles. James asked “what are these?” And Owen immediately said “Those are so we remember Jesus was born to be center of our life and to save us.” Little moments like that just had not happened when James was younger and when we used other material.

Jesse, Board Member


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Get access to a library of intergenerational Biblical teaching prepared for you

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Use the video tutorials to walk through everything you need to know to be successful with One Voice

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On the ministry God called you to serve in, unite your church, and be the leader your church deserves

Join the movement of churches who are communicating to all generations with the One Voice strategy

Simple Pricing. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Choose the frequency of your subscription. There are no long-term contracts. If at any point you are not satisfied, you can cancel any time.


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