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How to Develop Your Leadership Skills Through Role Models

Leadership is an essential quality to have to be successful. But developing that skill can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming. Fortunately, we don't have to go it alone – role models are a great source of inspiration and guidance for those looking to hone their leadership skills. Here are some benefits of having healthy role models:

1. Role models are a source of inspiration to us. They motivate us to achieve more than we think is possible. Looking at their successes and impact, we gain the conviction that we can also be like them.

2. They help us build our self-confidence. Role models help us see the vision of what we want to become. It gives us the confidence to thrive during challenging times of our leadership adventure.

3. Role models help shape our personalities. They influence professional and personal decision-making. Their impact also enables us to build great character.

4. Role models show us the way. It is said that everything we dream of doing is not new anymore. They inspire us to keep going, take risks, and try new things.

5. Role models show the standards we set for ourselves. All great people confess to having had someone they idolize growing up.

When we choose the right role model, they can guide us as we learn how to lead effectively. Additionally, having a positive role model helps us stay focused on our goals and encourages us when faced with adversity or uncertainty. Above all else, Jesus should always be our primary example of leadership; He is the ultimate leader who has gone before us in every way imaginable! With Him as our cornerstone, here are some tips for choosing worthy role models whose examples will help you develop your leadership skills:

1. Consider Their Character

When choosing a role model to help you develop your leadership skills, it is essential to consider their character. A worthy role model should have qualities such as integrity, honesty, humility, and resilience. Character qualities that line up with those of Jesus. They should also have a track record of success in the areas you want to emulate - for example, if you're looking for leadership skills in business, find someone who has succeeded in that area. Additionally, look for someone who has made an impact in their field and can serve as an inspiration for what can be accomplished - their accomplishments serve as evidence of their leadership potential. The example they set will help motivate you to reach higher goals. As a pastor, find a pastor who is further down the road. I have had mentors and role models my entire life.

2. Watch How They Treat Others

It is also essential to look at how your potential role models treat people around them. The best leaders are kind, compassionate, and motivated by helping others grow rather than being propelled by personal gain or power. Jesus made it clear that He "came to serve and not to be served." (Mark 10:45). Choose someone who displays the qualities of Jesus not only while they are leading but also when they are just spending time with others. Seek out role models whose behavior is aligned with His values and yours; this ensures that your values remain intact while you strive to learn from this individual's example.

3. Look at How They Deal With Pressure

When learning from a role model, use the opportunity to observe how they practice self-discipline and self-regulation when it comes to controlling emotions and responses in difficult situations or when faced with challenging decisions. They should be able to stay calm under pressure, think through problems strategically, and thoughtfully communicate their point of view, even when it's unpopular or controversial. Their ability to handle challenging situations gracefully will provide invaluable lessons on how leaders maneuver complex scenarios without compromising their morals or values. Jesus faced the ultimate pressure and stress while on this earth, and through it all, He lived the Father's will and was obedient.

4. What Do They Do With Mistakes

Finally, ensure that your chosen role model takes accountability for mistakes or missteps during times of adversity - this shows true leadership potential as it indicates a willingness to learn from mistakes and an openness towards growth and development as a leader. The good news is as we look to Jesus, He was and is perfect. So He is our ultimate role model for our spiritual journey and character. We can and should look to Him without reserve. However, when you start thinking about things you are looking for as a role model in your work environment, you realize that Jesus never developed a website. Jesus never wrote a book. Jesus never had a spouse or children. You can quickly think about areas of your life you want and need a role model that you know Jesus didn't have to deal with. We are talking about role models in places like these in our lives that God has blessed us with people to look to as role models. Learning from such a person can provide invaluable insight into understanding different perspectives, which will ultimately help you evaluate potential issues more effectively and make more informed decisions when necessary.

Prayerfully and Carefully Consider Role Models

Carefully consider these criteria when seeking out appropriate role models for developing one's leadership skills, we ensure that we choose those who possess desirable qualities within themselves, which will ultimately serve as inspiring examples from which we can learn valuable lessons about effective leadership. Mentors and role models are an integral part of leadership success. For many of us, they help shape who we want to be when we grow up. They help us dream, imagine and plan for the future. You cannot overstate the importance of role models. They are not superheroes, rock stars, or celebrities. People who work hard to achieve their goals and earn respect from others are what they are. They can help us learn and grow in our careers.

Ultimately, having an influential role model in our lives is essential for authentic leadership development. When we keep Jesus at the center and choose wisely who will join us on our journey, we can be sure that our leadership skills will grow and develop with each passing day. So choose carefully – make Jesus your cornerstone and have worthy role models to guide you along the way!


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